Notes of An East Coast Naturalist

Description Notes of An East Coast Naturalist

Arthur Henry Patterson was a self-taught naturalist with an immeasurable knowledge and perspicacity of the Broadland region’s flora and fauna – especially the area around Great Yarmouth and Breydon Water. He was the author of many books about Broadland and was a regular and popular contributor (under the pen name of John Knowlittle) to the local county newspaper.

From an early age, he developed an affinity with the natural history of the Broads and kept extensive daily notes on the area’s wildlife – which ultimately led him to collate and distil the observations that he had recorded over 25 years into this book.

The Norfolk Broads are the largest protected wetland in Britain and abound with a diverse range of wildlife some of which are exclusive to this area and nearly all get a mention to some degree in this book.

Interested in nature? Then please join Mr Patterson and me if you will, as we reveal the stories of the wildlife that frequented or visited this little known, yet unique area of the world over the timespan of a quarter of a century. (Summary by TND)

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