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Audio books are the same paper books that have been published for more than a decade. But they are read by special actors. Usually audio books are an exact copy of a regular book, only in audio format (mp3).

The actors who record the book carefully process their voice in order to cut out all the flaws, pauses and other speech defects, so that you, as a listener, are comfortable and pleasant to listen to such recordings.

Usually at the beginning and at the end of a recording (or at the beginning of a chapter), you can hear musical accompaniment. That is background music.

There can be several actors who record audio books (each person plays a role) or 1 person can voice all the characters of the work at once.

But there are other options for audio books. For example, using a speech synthesizer, you can record any book, but people don’t like to listen to such books, so it’s easier to read the book in print, rather than listen to this disgust.

The main advantage of an audiobook is that you can listen to it anywhere and anytime.

For example, you can listen to audio books when it is simply impossible to read a book. For example, when you walk along the street or are in another place.

The biggest drawback of audiobooks is that they take up a huge amount of hard disk space (compared to text format). For example, 1 audiobook can take up about 1 GB of space or even more, depending on the quality of the recording. But thanks to resources such as, you can listen to audio books online without worrying about placing a book on your device.

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