Geography is the science about the nature of the Earth's surface, population and economic activity. The essence of geography is to describe all phenomena and processes that occur on Earth. The name "Geography" of science given by the ancient Greek scholar Eratosthenes, who is rightly called the "father" of geography.

Geography we face constantly. For example, every day we are interested in the time, know what day, month, time of the year. All this is because in geography we study the time zones and the movement of the Earth around the Sun. Every day we watch the weather to know what to wear. The study of this issue also deals with geography. Through geography, we know where located one or the other country in the world are. Therefore, the value of this science in human life is enormous.

Under the heading "Travel and Geography" focused antique and modern books, opening to the reader the distant and hidden corners of the world with their nature and inhabitants, so unlike us, of our ancestors on the origin and structure of Earth and related myths. Of particular interest are the essays and daily notes of a traveler, exploring the vast expanses of the Earth, who made the expedition to Tibet, Tien-Shan and far beyond his native land. A private view of historical and geographical literature are guides to ancient cities, cultural and religious centers and beautiful and untouched corners of the nature. Usually, this richly illustrated book, containing many specific historical and geographical information, which has become today a bibliographic rarity. We present to your attention a selection of audio books in the genre "Travel & Geography", enjoy listening.

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