An important feature of human consciousness in all ages been striving to find its place among the things that surround them, as well as in the natural hierarchy as a whole. What is nature? In any relationship with it is a man, society? The answer to these and other questions every philosopher had its.

One of the first references about the nature preserved and brought to us by the monuments of antiquity. At that time formed a General idea about the Universe, its structure, the place of earth in Universe, the role of man and society, its relationship with the Cosmos.

In the Renaissance, one of the main achievements of philosophical thought was the development of natural philosophy. It is put forward a series of profound materialist and dialectical ideas. Great scientific discovery, which contributed to the liberation of natural science from the authority of religion, was the creation of Nicolaus Copernicus about heliocentric system of the world. He proved that the Earth is one of the ordinary planets and moves around its axis and around the Sun. Thus, it was undermined by religious theory togeocentrism. Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno had put forward the idea of the infinity of nature and innumerable worlds. His fellow physicist, astronomer and mathematician Galileo Galilei confirmed the hypothesis about the similarity of the structure of the earthly and the heavenly celestial bodies, opened planet of the solar system.

In modern times, nature firstly became an object of thorough scientific analysis. The task of science is to increase the power of man over nature. The object of science is nature, and its goal – the transformation of nature in the Kingdom of man. People started to understand the Nature how the object of intense transformational activity as a storehouse from which man can take without measure and without end. In the second half of the twentieth century under the influence of the scientific-technological revolution greatly increased the extent and changed the nature of the interaction between nature and man.

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