Life sciences is a branch of science that studies phenomena in animate and inanimate nature. Physics - the science of the composition and structure of matter and basic phenomena in inanimate nature, Chemistry is the science of the structure and transformation of substances, Astronomy is the science about the Universe. Biology - the science of nature. Earth science (study of planet Earth) -Geography, Geophysics and Geology

This is just the basic natural Sciences. In fact, the study of nature and engaged in hundreds of scientific disciplines - physics one only unites a whole family of Sciences (mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, electrodynamics etc.) each with its own conceptual apparatus, specific research methods of certain objects. The natural Sciences characteristic of interpenetration, resulting in formation of a new science "at the joints" of several Sciences: Chemical physics, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biogeochemistry, Geophysics, and many others.

Progressive development of the natural Sciences and their deepening in the study led to the dismemberment, even now not ended, unified science on the nature of individual industries, depending on the research subject or the principle of division of labor. Its authority in science are required, on the one hand, its scientific accuracy and consistency, and on the other — its practical value as a means of conquest of nature.

Pure science of nature is limited to scientific research, applied science (medicine, agriculture and forestry and a General technique) uses it for development and transformation of nature. Next to the Sciences of nature are the Sciences of the spirit, subject and methods, which for the most part of another nature. Those and other Sciences philosophy combines the science as a whole.

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