The Constant Couple

The Constant Couple
Genre: Plays, Satire
Language: English
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Description The Constant Couple

George Farquhar, the author of this comedy, was the son of a clergyman in the north of Ireland. He was born in the year 1678, discovered an early taste for literature, and wrote poetic stanzas at ten years of age. In 1694 he was sent to Trinity College, Dublin, and there made such progress in his studies as to acquire considerable reputation. But he was volatile and poor—the first misfortune led him to expense; the second, to devise means how to support his extravagance.In the year 1700 he brought out this comedy of "The Constant Couple; or, A Trip to the Jubilee." It was then the Jubilee year at Rome, and the author took advantage of that occurrence to render the title of his drama popular; for which cause alone it must be supposed he made any thing in his play refer to that festival, as no one material point is in any shape connected with it. - Summary by Mrs Inchbald, a critic of that time

Cast list:
Sir Harry Wildair: John Burlinson
Alderman Smuggler: Kristin Gjerløw
Colonel Standard: ToddHW
Clincher Junior: KHand
Clincher Senior: K. Adrian Stroet
Vizard: technoauloin
Tom Errand: Dillon McFarlane
Dicky: alanmapstone
Constable: Newgatenovelist
Servants: Anna Simon
Lady Lurewell: Availle
Lady Darling: Elizabeth Klett
Angelica: Sonia
Parly: Jacqui Castle
Tom Errand's Wife: Leanne Yau
Mob: Sonia
Stage Directions: Gaby

Edited and Coordinated by:  ToddHW

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