A play is a literary work, usually dramatic. The form assumes the presence of a large number of dialogues (monologues) written in the form of replicas. As a rule, a play is created with the goal of transforming it into another art form - theatrical performance. The plays can be dramatic, comedic, tragic, etc. The dramatic genre predominates, nevertheless.

A play is a work in drama, which is intended for the stage and performances. Television and radio plays are also staged based on plays. In the play, there are actors who conduct dialogue and a monologue, and in addition, it is supplemented by functional author's remarks. Such remarks usually indicate the place where the action takes place, describes the interior, the appearance of a character, the manner of his behavior, and much more that the author considers necessary. Often in the play is given a list of characters and often there are their age, title, profession, family relationship, etc.

If we define the term "Play" in simple words, then we can say that the "Play" is a dramatic work with an indication of the genre: classical, basic or author. The main genre includes such terms as comedy, tragedy, drama, tragicomedy, etc.

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