The "Mind The Paint" Girl

Genre: Plays, Satire
Language: English
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Description The "Mind The Paint" Girl

Another Pinero play from the early 1900s. With a social message about the effects of stardom on the star as well as those that love them. "I’m afraid there’s one thing finer than winning the woman you love and, when you’ve won her, being prepared to go through fire and water for her." "What’s that?" "Having the courage to give her up" - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Viscount Farncombe: Tomas Peter
Colonel the Hon. Arthur Stidulph: alanmapstone
Baron von Rettenmayer: Nemo
Captain Nicholas Jeyes: Campbell Schelp
Lionel Roper: Hamlet
Sam de Castro: Aaron White
Herbert Fulkerson: Frédéric Surget
Stewart Heneage: KevinS
Gerald Grimwood: April 6090
Carlton Smythe (Manager of the Pandora Theatre): James Thomas
Albert Palk (Actor at the Pandora): Sandra Schmit
Wilfrid Tavish (Actor at the Pandora): Philip Watson
Vincent Bland (A Musical Composer, attached to the Pandora): ToddHW
Morris Cooling (Business Manager at the Pandora): Jim Locke
Luigi (Maître d’hôtel at Catani’s Restaurant): Pier
The Hon. Mrs. Arthur Stidulph (Formerly, as Dolly Ensor, of the Pandora Theatre): TJ Burns
Lily Parradell (Of the Pandora): Foon
Jimmie Birch (Of the Pandora): Sonia
Gabrielle Kato (Of the Pandora): Pauline Latournerie
Enid Moncrieff (Of the Pandora): Leanne Yau
Daphne Dure (Of the Pandora): EmmaHatton
Nita Trevenna (Of the Pandora): Lex Hankins
Flo Connify (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Eva Davis
Sybil Dermott (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Availle
Olga Cook (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Devorah Allen
Evangeline Ventris (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Elsie Selwyn
Mrs. Upjohn (Lily Parradell’s mother): DuckTD
Gladys (Lily’s parlourmaid): Eva Davis
Maud (Lily’s maid): Leanne Yau
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson
Edited by: ToddHW

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