The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

Description The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

Doctor John Dolittle is an animal doctor and famous naturalist whose success hinges on his ability to speak the languages of many different kinds of animals. This book, the second Dr. Dolittle adventure, is narrated by Tommy Stubbins, who meets the Doctor after finding an injured squirrel. Stubbins becomes interested in the Doctor's work and has the opportunity to travel with him and several animal companions to a mysterious floating island called Spidermonkey Island. - Summary by Devorah Allen

Cast List:
Doctor Dolittle: axcel
Tommy Stubbins: Devorah Allen
Polynesia the Parrot: Beth Thomas
Jip the Dog: Rich Brown
Chee-Chee the Monkey: Jasmin Salma
Dab-Dab the Duck: LikeManyWaters
Prince Bumpo Kahbooboo: TJ Burns
Long Arrow, Son of Golden Arrow: Gillian Hendrie
Matthew Mugg: Nemo
Joe the Mussel Man: Michael Jarvis
Colonel Bellowes: DrPGould
Mr. Stubbins: Gillian Hendrie
Mrs. Stubbins: Leanne Yau
School Boy: Susan Ferman
Luke the Hermit:
Policeman: KHand
Bob the Bulldog: Eva Davis
Mr. Percy Jenkyns: TriciaG
The Honorable Eustace Beauchamp Conckley: Foon
Prosecution Lawyer: Michael Jarvis
Audience Woman: Pseudonymous Nerd
Mrs. Luke: Susan Ferman
Juryman: KHand
Cheapside the Sparrow: Eva Davis
Miranda the Purple Bird of Paradise: Sonia
Ben Butcher the Able Seaman: Son of the Exiles
Don Enrique: DrPGould
Spanish boy: KHand
Pepito de Malaga the Bullfighter: Bill Mosley
Crowd Woman: Pseudonymous Nerd
The Silver Fidgit: Leanne Yau
Porpoise 1: Zoe Trang
Porpoise 2: Evie Maria
Popsipetel 1: Susan Ferman
Popsipetel 2: KHand
Bag-jagderag Chief: Foon
Popsipetel Elder: Bill Mosley
Narrator: Larry Wilson

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