Nature is the material world. The universe, in fact, is the main object of study of science. In everyday life, the word "nature" is often used to mean the natural environment of a person’s life (everything that surrounds us, except for what was created by man). Nature has many meanings.

The theme of nature in art is most fully revealed in the era of romanticism. Nature acts as a reckless, instinctive principle, opposes the human spirit. Nature is also interpreted as the source, the primitive state of the world; therefore, innocence and purity are characteristic of it. Tired of civilization, a man seeks tranquility in the lap of nature, going on a picnic outside the city. In the XX century the theme of nature appears, avenges man in the form of natural disasters. Books about nature and animals are of constant interest to children of all ages - from kindergarteners to teenagers. Such literature is not only a fascinating and informative reading; it teaches kindness, mercy, love of nature and our lesser brothers.

We present to your attention a selection of audio books about animals and nature, which offer both time-tested works and novelties in the book market. There are books in which the main characters are nature and animals. Beasts and birds, betrayal and loyal friendship, sincere love and hatred, all this is not only in the world of people, but also in animals. Here we have collected the best books about nature and animals.

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