Action & Adventure is a phrase describing a range of phenomena in the European literature, which are characterized by adventure themes (exploration or conquest of new lands, the adventures the characters in uncharted or exotic countries), and the severity of plot twists, turns, dynamics and tension of the action.

The adventure genre includes almost all the attributes required for interesting and entertaining reading – the dynamism and complexity of the story, brave and beautiful characters, love the twists, turns, and unexpected turns.

As the adventure novel genre emerged in the mid-nineteenth century. The precursors of the adventure novel of the nineteenth century were the works of Walter Scott, James Fenimore Cooper, and Victor Hugo. Moreover, the brilliance of the genre given, of course, Dumas and Stevenson.

Massive love for adventure literature is usually viewed as a response to literature, earthy (i.e. realism), which was interested only in the routine of everyday life. In addition, readers wanted to push the world, they wanted works that would be in full swing of passion, acted with extraordinary heroes, and fabulous easily passing through most difficult trials and achieve success. In short, we needed wonderful, mysterious, exciting world of adventure.

The genre "Action & Adventure" is the most popular, preferred by the greatest number of readers. Moreover, readers of all ages, intelligence level and social status. Adventure read everything from pioneers to pensioners. We bring you the world's best works in the genre "Action & Adventure" in audio format. Enjoy listening and do not forget to leave your comments and impressions.

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