Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (version 2) (dramatic reading)

Description Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (version 2) (dramatic reading)

While working in Africa, the eminent naturalist John Dolittle sets out to create the best post office on earth, using his bird friends to carry messages and packages anywhere in the world in record time. Along the way, he also manages to foil a slave trader, enrich a kingdom, save a ship, and meet the oldest living creature on earth! - Summary by Devorah Allen


Doctor Dolittle: ToddHW
Speedy the Swallow: TJ Burns
Dab-Dab the Duck: Leanne Yau
Jip the Dog: Rafe Ball
Gub-Gub the Pig: Campbell Schelp
The White Mouse: Devorah Allen
Too-Too the Owl: Beth Thomas
Cheapside the Sparrow: Son of the Exiles
The Pushmi-Pullyu: Bill Mosley
Quip the Carrier: Jasmin Salma
Golden Jay Leader: Adrian Stephens
Piffilosaurus: Algy Pug
One Eye the Albatross: KevinS
Bertha Bacon: Foon
Canary: JennaEleni
Seagull: Zoe Trang
Thrush: JennaEleni
Spoonbill: LikeManyWaters
Squirrel: Foon
Cormorant: Adrian Stephens
Giant Snake: Christine Lehman
Mudface the Turtle: KevinS
King Ko-Ko: Bill Mosley
Zuzana: Lola Janie
Begwe: Bernd Ungerer
The Captain: chuckconvr
Executive Officer: Adrian Stephens
The Master-At-Arms: Bill Mosley
White Trader: Algy Pug
Boatman: KevinS
The Royal Meteorologist: Algy Pug
Lighthouse Keeper: Lola Janie
Nicholas Scroggins: Algy Pug
Jack Wilkins: chuckconvr
Chief Nyam-Nyam: chuckconvr
The Emir of Ellebubu: Adrian Stephens
General of Ellebubu: Lola Janie

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