Mr. Punch's Dramatic Sequels

Description Mr. Punch's Dramatic Sequels

A collection of short and humorous one-act "sequels" to 14 major plays (many already in the Librivox catalog).

Plays end too soon. They never show the whole of what I want to know.
The curtain falls and I'm perplexed with doubts about what happened next.
Did HAMLET'S father haunt no more the battlements of Elsinore?
Does LADY TEAZLE never call at LADY SNEERWELL'S now at all?
Was BENEDICK'S a happy marriage? And will the MELNOTTES keep a carriage?
Will AUBREY take to wife one day another MRS. TANQUERAY?
Do ECCLES and his stepson wrangle? Has anything been heard of DANGLE?
What has become of MRS. WANGEL?
I've asked again and yet again these questions hitherto in vain!
I sought the answers near and far. At length they came, and here they are:-

(Summary is Prefatory to the book) -

alanmapstone; Algy Pug; Amanda Friday; Availle; bala; Bev J. Stevens; CaprishaPage; Charlotte Duckett; Eden Rea-Hedrick; Elizabeth Klett; Emily Jones; Grace; Karen Savage; Libby Gohn; Loveday; mb; Ruth Golding; Peter Yearsley;Sarah Oh!; ToddHW

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