Fiction is the art of words is a special kind of art in which the carrier material imagery is the language. The literature describes certain characteristics: its images are devoid of visual confidence, it affects the human imagination, especially acutely stimulates the intellect; through the word reality is perceived in all its facets, opens up great possibilities of comprehension of the inner spiritual world of people and their communication.

As an art, literature peculiar, multifaceted, historical understanding of reality, perception and comprehension of her, directly as a process. The subject of literary knowledge is the human life process, and all associated with it. Such inclusiveness as a reader and writer offers unique and impressive features to human cognition - most amazing of the creations of the Lord. That is why fiction is also called the Humanities. Humanities is understood as a natural affection literature to learn, to influence and comprehend the world of man. Even when works of art describes the landscapes, events or objects, the author still tries shows them as people perceive.

Literature helps develop individual aspects of life and society, in other ways it is impossible to know. Find out the contradictions of human nature, her uneasy relationship with the world of the family and of society is possible through works of realistic school. The reader works open complicated mechanisms of the human psyche, behavior through interaction with interesting and exciting plot and the characters, which in turn arise on specific models of the human world.

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