Humor is a comical presentation in oral or written form. For humor is typical to deride a particular Vice, however, it is very important that in contrast to satire, where it is done ruthlessly, the humor inherent in a friendly manner. Humor reminds us that the weakness or lack of anything or anyone-it's just the flip side of dignity.

Humor is a kind of comic image in the literature, built in the form of a kindly joke. In the literature under the humor in the narrow sense refers to the picture of the characters in a funny way. The writer depicts a series of absurd and ridiculous situations in which people reveal their harmless imperfections.

Humorous fiction is the direction of literature, which are intended not just to make the reader smile, and lead him to the pure joy and sincere laughter, and even contagious laughter. Such works are futility or even absurdity of the described situation. The audience of this genre is perhaps one of the biggest among all genres of literature ranging from children to older readers. A separate category of such direction serve everyone jokes. Usually in the comic works of little actors and only one storyline.

Humorous fiction in literature can be expressed in different ways. It can be full-fledged novels and sometimes even series, stories, short sketches, jokes, and more. The book, written with humor written easily, perfect for reading at night, on the road or even in the company of friends. Humor does not include books where you laugh three times in fact. Enjoy listening of best audio books in genre «Humorous Fiction», share with friend and do not forget to leave your comments.

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