Mr H

Mr H
Author: Charles Lamb
Language: English
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Description Mr H

Mr H is a farce that was first performed at Drury Lane in 1806. The plot is slender and revolves around a single rather feeble joke, but the characters are skilfully drawn and the sharp observations of contemporary fashion do much to divert the listener from the weakness of the central theme. More a comedy of manners rather than a true farce, this short play is best enjoyed as a gentle romp through the eccentricities of the Regency period. (Summary by Algy Pug)

Mr H: Peter Bishop
Landlord Pry: Martin Geeson
Belvil: NCarrington
Melesinda: Elizabeth Klett
First Waiter: Ric F
Second Waiter: Phil Chenevert
Third Waiter: Algy Pug
Fourth Waiter: Elizabeth Klett
Fifth Waiter: Marty Kris
First Gentleman: Lars Rolander
Second Gentleman: Max Korlinge
First Footman: Brian Morgan
Second Footman/Gentleman: Algy Pug
First Lady: Carol Box
Second Lady: Sarah Crampton
Third Lady/Old Lady: Mil Nicholson
Fourth Lady: Malane
Fifth Lady: Amy Gramour
Sixth Lady: Martin Geeson
Susan: Goldfish
Maid: Beth Thomas
Narrator: Algy Pug

Audio editing: Phil Chenevert

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