The Drummer, or, The Haunted House

The Drummer, or, The Haunted House
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
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Description The Drummer, or, The Haunted House

Lady Truman received word fourteen months ago that her husband, Sir George Truman, has died in battle. Now a very eligible widow with a large estate, she has more suitors than she knows what to do with. As if that wasn't enough, her house is now being haunted at night by the horrible and ghostly sound of a drum, apparently caused by the restless spirit of her husband. When an old man arrives who claims to be able to lay the spirit to rest, she is so desperate for relief that she determines to give him a chance. Written with wit and good humor, this play will have you laughing out loud! - Summary by Devorah Allen

Cast List
Sir George Truman: Larry Wilson
Tinsel: Tomas Peter
Fantome, the Drummer: Son of the Exiles
Vellum, Sir George Truman's Steward: ToddHW
Butler: TJ Burns
Coachman: Campbell Schelp
Gardener: alanmapstone
Lady Truman: Beth Thomas
Abigal: Availle
Stage Directions: Devorah Allen

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