Comedy is a dramatic work in which means of humor and satire debunk the negative social and personal phenomena, reveals funny in reality or person. Comedy as a genre originated in Ancient Greece.

The pathos of Comedy arises when the author deliberately understates their characters from a certain average level that exists in life. Without adequate positive qualities, the characters of the Comedy works, however, claim to some importance in the family, environment, friends, society, they are inherent in the illusory vision of reality. They always try to solve their problems in ways that are not appropriate in this case because in contradiction with the objective laws of social development.

The first theorist of Comedy and the comic was Aristotle. Antique theorist noticed that the basis of Comedy, the shift from unhappiness to happiness. In the middle ages, a Comedy was considered a work with a successful conclusion. Dante called his poem "The Divine Comedy".

Continuing to consider the question, what is Comedy in literature; it is necessary to note the importance of place of the genre in all literature. Comedy prevailed in antiquity, and it predominates in modern culture. Classics often resorted to Comedy in the eighteenth century, however, compared with epic and tragedy the genre of Comedy is somewhat lower, if we talk about popularity.

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