Astounding Stories 18, June 1931

Astounding Stories 18, June 1931
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Description Astounding Stories 18, June 1931

This issue contains
The Man from 2072 by Sewell Peaslee Wright ~ Out of the Flow of Time there appears to Commander John Hanson a Man of Mystery from a Forgotten Past
Manape the Mighty by Arthur J. Burks~ High in theJungle Swings young Bentley - his human brain imprisoned in a mighty Ape
Holocaust by Charles Willard Diffin ~ The Extraordinasy Story of "Paul", Who for Forty Days was Dictator of the World
The Earthman's Burden by R.F. Starzl ~ There is Foul Play on Mercury - until Danny Olear of the Interplanetary Fying Police Gets After his Man
The Exile of Time by Ray Cummins ~ Larry and George from 1935, Mary from 1777 - All are caught up inthe Treacherous Tugh's Revolt of the Robots in the time World of 2930 (Part 3 of a 4 Part Novel )
Listening to Ants - a science fact
The Reader's Corner

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