What if a book not only entertains, but also teaches? Nevertheless, this is exactly what literature should be - primarily educational, and then entertaining. Science fiction is a genre that is constantly evolving, complementing our wildest expectations with something new. Sometimes she constantly has to get ahead of progress, and nowadays it is gaining momentum. Moreover, watching this race game is a real pleasure, especially when recognized masters of the genre take up the matter.

At the end of the last century, it seemed that science fiction had lost the palm of fantasy. However, today, space fiction is undergoing a real renaissance.

In the phrase "science fiction" is not in vain the word "scientific" is present. This literary genre has always had a special relationship with science: real scientists were inspired by science fiction, the fantasies of classical authors were eventually realized, and critics often approach fantastic books from a realistic, scientific point of view - and judge them by their correspondence to real science.

Science fiction is a genre that goes beyond the scope of our universe and represents the limitless possibilities for the development of human civilization. The number of books in the genre of science fiction cannot be counted, and even those works that are among the influential and serious have long exceeded one hundred.We present to your attention a collection of bright and extraordinary works of this genre, created both in the 18-19 centuries and in recent years. Enjoy the listening.

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