Headlong Hall (dramatic reading)

Headlong Hall (dramatic reading)
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Description Headlong Hall (dramatic reading)

Headlong Hall is the first novel by Thomas Love Peacock, published in 1815 (dated 1816). As in his later novel Crotchet Castle, Peacock assembles a group of eccentrics, each with a single monomaniacal obsession, and derives humor and social satire from their various interactions and conversations. The setting is the country estate of Squire Harry Headlong Ap-Rhaiader, Esq. in Wales. (Summary by Wikipedia)


Narrator: Timothy Ferguson
Mr. Escot: John Fricker
Mr. Foster: Mike Pelton
Mr. Jenkison: Leonard Wilson
Reverend Doctor Gaster & Mr. Chromatic: ToddHW
Mr. Milestone: TriciaG
Harry Headlong, Esquire & Old Squire: Algy Pug
Mr. MacLaurel: Delmar H. Dolbier
Mr. Cranium, Mr. Panscope, Graziosa Chromatic, Mr. Nightshade: Amy Gramour
The Sexton: Martin Geeson
Miss Brindle-mew: Ruth Golding
Cephalis & Tenorina Chromatic: Liberty Stump
Mr. Gall & Mr. Treacle: hoardac
Sir Patrick O'Prism: DublinGothic
Miss Philomela Poppyseed: Bev J. Stevens
Caprioletta: Amanda Friday

Audio edited by: Amy Gramour

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