Author: Plato
Genre: Ancient
Language: English
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Description Apocrypha

It is not generally agreed whether Plato was the author of any of these books. I. Hippias Major (or Greater Hippias)II. Second Alcibiades (or On Praying)III. TheagesIV. The Rivals (or Rival Lovers)V. HipparchusVI. MinosVII. Clitopho (or Clitophon)VIII. The Epistles (13 Letters)IX. Epinomis (or The Philosopher)X. Axiochus (or On Death)XI. On VirtueXII. On JusticeXIII. Sisyphus (or Upon Taking Counsel)XIV. DemodocusXV. DefinitionsXVI. Timaeus Locrus (or The Treatise of Timaeus the Locrian, On the Soul of the World and Nature)- Summary by Geoffrey Edwards

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