Ancient literature chronologically is not the first. The reason that we study it first, lies in the fact that the ancient literary monuments discovered on the contrary, that is, from the later to the earlier. Ancient literature is the oldest European literature, so it affects the rest of the literature. Images of ancient literature be included in modern literature, it is hiding a deeper meaning. Sometimes they are aphorisms. Antique mythological subjects often recycled and reused.

Why did "ancient culture"? The term "ancient" used by humanists of the Renaissance. They begin to create a semblance of a system of myths and stories begin to until the first non-professional excavations.

Ancient literature has attracted and attracts high humanistic ideals, heroism, beauty of words, and elegance of form. It is eternal healing, life-giving source, to a certain extent the norm, and example - the standard of beauty, life-giving power, which, being creatively assimilated on a national basis, has always helped and will help us to build a culture of contemporary and impending.

Literature is a reflection of human life. She appeared she in turn acts in a particular direction on the life of the people. Therefore, in order to understand ancient literature, you need to know and understand the life of the peoples who created it. These people - the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans.

However, it is enough to talk about history, let's get down to listening to the most famous works in the genre of "Ancient". Enjoy listening, leave comments and impressions.

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