Author: Jean Racine
Genre: Tragedy
Language: English
Viewed: 390
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Description Phaedra

In the court of Louis XIV, adaptations of Greek tragedies were very popular. This play, heavily influenced by Euripides' Hippolytus, deals with love that violates social taboos. Note: In Racine's work, a new "scene" begins whenever a character enters or exits. Therefore, there are no stage directions, only a list of the characters on stage for each scene. The action is continuous for the entire act. (Summary by Libby Gohn)

Narrator: bala
Theseus: Bruce Pirie
Phaedra: Elizabeth Klett
Hippolytus: Libby Gohn
Aricia: Charlotte Duckett
Oenone: Amanda Friday
Theramenes: Alan Mapstone
Ismene: Haili
Panope: Maryanka

Audio editing: Libby Gohn

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