Tragedy is a dramatic work based on acute, irreconcilable conflict of the individual seeking to realize their creative potentiality and objective impossibility of their implementation. The etymology of the term "tragedy" is associated with religious ceremonies, stage enactment of a myth, an attribute that was a goat. The conflict of the tragedy has a deep philosophical sense, is extremely important in political, social or spiritual plans, high-tension psychological experiences of the hero. Tragedy usually results in the death of the protagonist.

The tension of the tragic action makes the audience experience the strongest sentiments of compassion for the hero, fear for his fate, compassion to his misfortunes, etc. Aristotle was the first who noticed the excitement felt by the audience during the action of the play, in the IV century BC, defining it as "catharsis," i.e. the spiritual "purification" through aesthetic experience.

The tragedy is depicted as a strong human character, the hero fights and suffers for truth, justice, freedom, and his death is often recognized as a moral victory over the forces of evil.

The main difference of the tragedy – in fact the conflict on which it is built. Tragic pathos stems from the insurmountable contradiction in the soul of the hero. The conflict in tragedy is always a very serious and sharp. It leads to the suffering and death of the hero (heroes).

Canonical high genre of classical tragedy it becomes when finally strengthened absolutism in the world. This applies particularly to the court theater. When there is a tragedy of J. Schiller andJ. Goethe, the genre becomes available to the public. Goethe drew attention to the widespread historical conflict of the passing of feudalism era of the burghers. Moreover, the art form of the dramatic conflict destroys all the canons of classicism. In addition, in the era of romanticism, the tragedy develops back ancient and distinguished man and his soul, as a subject of drama. To such tragic dramas are works by Victor Hugo, Lermontov and George Byron.

However, it is enough to talk about the theory; we turn to reading, and better listening to the best world works in the genre of "Tragedy". Enjoy listening and do not forget to leave your comments and impressions.

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