Frank Merriwell’s Trust (Dramatic Reading)

Frank Merriwell’s Trust (Dramatic Reading)

Description Frank Merriwell’s Trust (Dramatic Reading)

Frank Merriwell is from Yale he excelled at football, baseball, basketball, crew and track at Yale while solving mysteries and righting wrongs the stories show how he handles a number of challenges that come his way. (Michele Eaton)

Cast List:
Frank Merriwell: Adrian Stephens
Narrator: Michele Eaton
Bullet headed man, Crowd, McGilvay, Franks second: John Payton
Tom Stevens: Jake Malizia
Hilda Dugan: Jenn Broda
Harry Collins, Irish Man, Gray Mustached man, policeman, Jones, Bartender, trainman, servant of Alvin Brander: James R Hedrick
Jack Diamond: Julian Pratley
Charley Herrick, Lawyer for Hilda, Bernard Burrage: Wayne Cooke
Mike, Bartender: KevinS
Woman on Train: Lauren-Emma Blake
Walter Burrage: Mike Manolakes
Man, Servant, Stout Faced Man, man 2: Jim Locke
Billy Maddison: Andrew Gaunce
Roy Swift: Patrick Sawyer
Woman, Cab Driver, Tall Chinaman, Boy at Door: Lily
Celestials 1 and 2: Rapunzelina
Dick Starbright: Larry Wilson
Inza Burrage: Twinkle
Crowd: Lynette Caulkins

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