One-Act Play Collection 012

One-Act Play Collection 012
Author: Various
Genre: Plays
Language: English
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Description One-Act Play Collection 012

Here are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from a 1659 farce by Moliere to a 1896 play by Fuller with early LGBT content; a Gilbert play without Sullivan's music, and many other short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., Pinski, McFadden, and Wilde died in 1959, 1961, and 1953 respectively and their plays may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries. (Summary by ToddHW)

Cast list:
01. The Flying Doctor by Moliere, Run by: ToddHW
Valère, in love with Lucile: ToddHW
Sganarelle, servant to Valère: Tomas Peter
Gorgibus, father to Lucile: Aaron White
Gros-René, valet to Gorgibus: alanmapstone
A Lawyer: Leanne Yau
Lucile: Devorah Allen
Sabine, cousin to Lucile: Foon
Stage Directions: Sonia

02. At Saint Judas' by Henry Blake Fuller, Run by: Chuck Williamson
The Bridegroom: Nemo
The Best Man: Tomas Peter
The Sacristan: ToddHW
Stage Directions: Sonia

03. The Grandmother by Lajos Biro, Run by: Bhavya
The Grandmother: Sonia
The Blond Young Lady: Foon
The Brunette Young Lady: TJ Burns
The Bride: Elsie Selwyn
The Vivacious Girl: Jenn Broda
The Melancholy Girl: Bhavya
The Sentimental High School Girl: Devorah Allen
The Jovial Young Man: Josh Kibbey
The Polite Young Man: Chuck Williamson
The Disagreeable Young Man: Tomas Peter
Stage directions: Campbell Schelp

04. Everybody's Husband by Richard Ryan, Run by: Devorah Allen
Mr. Alexis Twisselton: Aaron White
Mr. Theophilus Bunbury: Tomas Peter
Figgins: Larry Wilson
Spriggins: ToddHW
Dick, a Waiter: Averagemoe
Mrs. Pimpernel, Mistress of a Boardinghouse: Pauline Latournerie
Fanny, her Daughter: Sonia
Miss Thompson, Spriggins's Ward: TJ Burns
Miss Tomkins, Figgins's Ward: Jenn Broda
Mrs. Twisselton: Devorah Allen
Maid Servant: Foon
Stage Directions: KevinS

05. A Dollar by David Pinski, Run by: TJ Burns
The Comedian: Jim Gallagher
The Villain: Aaron White
The Tragedian: Tomas Peter
The Old Man: Nemo
The Heroine: Availle
The Ingenue: Jenn Broda
The Old Woman: Betsy Walker
The Stranger: Campbell Schelp
Stage Directions: TJ Burns

06. Why the Chimes Rang by Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden, Run by: Larry Wilson
Holger - a peasant boy: Nemo
Steen - his younger brother: Josh Kibbey
Bertel - their uncle: Aaron White
Old Woman: Jane Manning
Angel: Elsie Selwyn
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson

07. The Line of No Resistance by Percival Wilde, Run by: Elsie Selwyn
George Robertson: Tomas Peter
Jean Robertson: Devorah Allen
Ethel Quenton: Betsy Walker
Stage Directions: Aaron White

08. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by W. S. Gilbert: ToddHW
King Claudius: Aaron White
Queen Gertrude: Sonia
Rosencrantz: KevinS
Guildenstern: Tomas Peter
Ophelia: Foon
Hamlet: alanmapstone
First Player: Campbell Schelp
He: Peter Yearsley
She: Sandra Schmit
Stage Directions: ToddHW

09. First Come, First Served by John Maddison Morton, Run by: David Olson
Colonel Challenger: Larry Wilson
Harry Barton: Max Körlinge
Basil Royston: Tomas Peter
Mrs. Templeton: Sonia
Julia Templeton: Devorah Allen
Josephine Templeton: Elsie Selwyn
Stage Directions: David Olson

10. Wanted, A Male Cook by George Melville Baker, Run by: Elsie Selwyn
Mr. Heartwell (an old bachelor): Larry Wilson
Joshua Slocum (from Greensville, Maine): ToddHW
Teddy Ryan (a native of Ireland): Tomas Peter
François (a French cook): Pauline Latournerie
Stage Directions: Max Körlinge

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