Homilies on Colossians

Homilies on Colossians

Description Homilies on Colossians

"Holy indeed are all the Epistles of Paul: but some advantage have those which he sent after he was in bonds: those, for instance, to the Ephesians and Philemon: that to Timothy, that to the Philippians, and the one before us: for this also was sent when he was a prisoner,…

"But why do I say that these Epistles have some advantage over the rest in this respect, because he writes while in bonds? As if a champion were to write in the midst of carnage and victory; so also in truth did he. For himself too was aware that this was a great thing, for writing to Philemon he saith, “Whom I have begotten in my bonds.”

"And this he said, that we should not be dispirited when in adversity, but even rejoice." (St John Chrysostom, from Homily 1)

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