The Belle's Stratagem

The Belle's Stratagem
Author: Hannah Cowley
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
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Description The Belle's Stratagem

The Beaux Stratagem, already in the LibriVox catalog (, was written by George Farquhar in 1707. The Belle's Stratagem, "a Ladies' response" to the Beaux Stratagem play with strong female characters, was written by Hannah Cowley in 1780. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Doricourt: A D Latheron
Hardy: Alan Mapstone
Sir George Touchwood: ToddHW
Flutter: Larry Wilson
Saville: Mike Manolakes
Villers: Marya James
Courtall: Greg Giordano
Silvertongue: Son of the Exiles
Crowquill: qthemusic123
First Gentleman: Adrian Stephens
Second Gentleman: Tomas Peter
Mountebank: Sandra Schmit
French Servant: RĂ©mi
Porter: Sonia
Dick (Courtall's servant): David Purdy
Letitia Hardy: Jenn Broda
Mrs. Racket: Kelly S. Taylor
Lady Frances Touchwood: Matea Bracic
Miss Ogle: mleigh
Kitty Willis: Sonia
Lady: Rebecca Brown
Servant: Michele Eaton
Tradesman: David Purdy
Mrs Fagg: Hanna Ponomarenko
Gibson: Rapunzelina
Folly: David Purdy
Mask: Jim Locke
2nd Mask: SaraHale
3rd Mask: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions: Wayne Cooke
Editing: ToddHW

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