Under the Lilacs (version 3, dramatic reading)

Under the Lilacs (version 3, dramatic reading)
Genre: Historical
Language: English
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Description Under the Lilacs (version 3, dramatic reading)

When a raggedy boy from the circus limps into the lives of the Moss family, he is unlike any child they have ever met. With his devoted and clever dog, Sancho, at his side, Ben’s amazing stunts from the big top and kindly, eager persona win the hearts of the Mosses, as well as the nurturing affection of his new mistress, Miss Celia, and the friendship of her spoiled brother, Thornton. From birthday parties to broken bones, times of triumph to times of tragedy, the group sticks together through it all in this heart-warming children’s story by Louisa May Alcott. (Summary by Twinkle)

Cast List:
Narrated by Christine Lehman
Ben Brown: Aaron M. Lebowitz
Bab Moss: Rachel
Betty Moss: SuperCoconut
Miss Celia: Lian Pang
Thorny: Kangaroo692
Mrs. Moss: Beth Thomas
Mr. Brown, Billy Barton: Tomas Peter
Sam Kitteridge: Teresa Bauman
Alfred Barlow: Paige Al Qasem
Sancho: Esther ben Simonides

Other characters voiced by Teresa Bauman, Lilith Branda, Jarek Celuch, Edgard Coronado, Charlotte Duckett, Gaby, KHand, Kalynda, Lydia, Ross McGrath, Adele de Pignerolles, Sonia, SuperCoconut, Twinkle, and Leanne Yau

Audio edited by Michele Eaton, Aaron M. Lebowitz, Christine Lehman, and Twinkle

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