Historical literature includes works in which the action takes place against the background of past events with the participation of real-life personalities. One of the founders of the trend is Walter Scott, however, modern authors, such as Boris Akunin and Alison Weir, also have works based on reliable historical facts and chronicles. Historical novel - a novel built on a historical plot that reproduces in art form any era, a certain period of history. In a historical novel, historical truth is combined with fiction, historical fact with fiction, real historical faces with fictional faces, fiction placed within the depicted era. All the narrative in the historical novel is conducted against the backdrop of historical events

This section contains many works covering various periods and eras, from the ancient world to the 21st century. It includes novels, memoirs, biographies, as well as prose, which is based on a significant event.

The best historical novels are books that not only claim to be documentary, at least partially, but also touch us and carry us away. They make you remember that behind any historical event, behind every ruler or general there is always a personal story, someone's love or hatred, an extraordinary character.

Listening to historical literature online in our library means having the opportunity to touch the past and discover the wonderful world of the past. In this category, we have collected a large number of historical novels - classical and modern. The list will be constantly updated, so stay tuned and enjoy the best historical novels in audio format - they are worth your time!

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