Danger in Deep Space (Dramatic Reading)

Description Danger in Deep Space (Dramatic Reading)

The year is 2353. Tom Corbett is a cadet with the Space Academy, training to become a member of the elite Solar Guard. Sent on a top-secret mission across the stars, Tom and his fellow crew members discover the nature of true loyalty, as they battle against danger in deep space.(Summary by Stuart Bell.)

Cast list:
Narrator: Sam Holloway
Major Connel: Padraig O'hIceadha
Tom Corbett: David Ault
Roger Manning: Matt Baker
Bill Loring & Captain Jenledge: Matthew Ward
Mr Shinny & Captain Strong: Peter Yearsley
Astro: Megan Argo
Al Mason: MGVestal
Alfie Higgins & Jet Liner San Francisco: Patti Cunningham
Terry Scott: Brett W. Downey
Captain Stefens & Restaurant Voice: Stuart Bell
Commander Walters & James Jardine: David Sloan
Enlisted Guard & First Skipper: Jody Bly
Leland Bangs: David Lawrence
Spaceport Control: Laurie Anne Walden
Central Communicator: Ernst Pattynama
Edited By: Stuart Bell
Prooflisteners: Matt Baker and Micky

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