Man and Nature on the Broads

Man and Nature on the Broads
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Description Man and Nature on the Broads

From its man-made origins as a consequence of medieval peat excavations, the Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk have evolved into a natural ecosystem, providing habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna (some of which are unique to the Broads area), as well as a means of livelihood for the inhabitants of this region. In the company of the book’s author, a self-taught lifelong naturalist and undisputed expert of the Broads (who also wrote under the pen name of John Knowlittle), we discover how the life of the Broads unfolds over the course of a single year. So, why not listen in, and join us as we take an auditory saunter around these incomparable waterways, learn just a little of what life and nature in Broadland is all about and have a mardle or two with some of the old boys and their mawthers, whose families have lived and worked in this expansive landscape and under wide open skies for many generations. - Summary by TND

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