Michael Strogoff (Dramatic Reading)

Michael Strogoff (Dramatic Reading)
Author: Jules Verne
Language: English
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Description Michael Strogoff (Dramatic Reading)

At a fete in the New Palace, the court seems to be in perfect order. Only two people know the truth: the telegraph wire beyond Tomsk, connecting Western Russia with Siberia, has been cut! The Czar and General Kissoff can tell that it is the work of traitorous Ivan Ogareff, who is inciting an insurrection in Siberia. If the Grand Duke, governing Siberia from Irkutsk, does not hear of the insurrection in time, the criminals in Siberia will take over the city, and eventually, all of Russia! Only a brave and fast courier can take it to the Duke in time. The general assures the czar that he has the perfect courier--Michael Strogoff. He will have to travel in disguise to escape the traps set by Ivan Ogareff, and above all never reveal--He is the courier of the czar! (Summary by Esther ben Simonides)

Cast List of this Dramatic Reading:
Narrator: Piotr Nater
Harry Blount, Tartar, Aide-de-camp, Police Agent, Tartars, Mujik, Old man: Adele de Pignerolles
Alcide Jolivet, Merchant Chief, Tartar Officer: Esther ben Simonides
Michael Strogoff: Hultstrand
Marfa Strogoff: Sonia
Wassili Fedor, Tartar Executioner, Another Traveller, Pendja-baschi: Mike Harris
The Grand Duke, Postmaster: ToddHW
The Emir: Feofar Khan: K. Adrian Stroet
Nadia, Chief of the Ulemas, Crowd Member 2, Deh-baschi: Rachel
Boatman: Dillon McFarlane
Second boatman, Governor General, Inspector, Boatmen: David Purdy
General Voranzoff, Russian Traveller, Another Iemschik, Nicholas Pigassof: Rupert Holliday
Head of Police: David Olson
General Kissoff, Usbeck Soldier: Zames Curran
The Czar: Jon Smith
Jew, Ivan Ogareff, Iemschik: Mark Chulsky
Persian: Arya Tabaie
Sangarre: Twinkle
Gypsy Girl: Lydia
Audio Edited by: Adele de Pignerolles, Rachel and Zames Curran

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