The Silent Battle

The Silent Battle
Author: George Gibbs
Genre: Romance
Language: English
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Description The Silent Battle

This offering from George Gibbs, follows the developing romance between lawyer Tom Gallatin, trying to beat his alcoholism, and debutante Jane Loring. It begins with Tom getting lost while on a hunting trip in the Canadian wilderness, where he has gone in hopes of rehabilitating himself. Attempting to find his way back, he encounters Jane Loring, also lost. Each is attracted to the other, but after a few nips from Jane's flask, Tom steps over the line with her. The seriousness of his actions, as well as his feelings toward Jane, leads him to overcome his addiction.Meeting again months later, in New York City and civilization, forgiveness and a new start lead to a renewal of the romance, although not free from difficulties. (Summary by Donald Cummings)

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