Art strikes us today of a large number of different types of art. One of them is literature. It plays in our life majestic role. From childhood to old age, a person lives if in the interaction of two worlds of reality and fiction and nonfiction.

In a variety of literary events and images, we often try to identify every day, quite familiar to us, but the real relationships we often build on examples of the perfect actions of the characters and their magical feelings from reading works. With their help, we learn life; learn ancestral spiritual values, finding answers to their internal issues, which often trouble us.

Not everyone can feel the stormy literary emotions, but we touched them, got them about many ideas and the soul felt something like that, when experienced along with the characters of books for their excitement and suffering. In reality, those characters created by the artists of the word, the life before us is not only the way it really is, but as it can be, and even what should be.

Architecture, music, sculpture, painting, choreography, cinematography ... All of it various forms of creative expression of all that is art. However, perhaps the only literature, which is its most popular form, has the greatest influence on the development and formation of the human being and humanity as a whole. Here you will find the world's best literature works of genre "General" in the audio format. Enjoy listening; share your comments and impressions.

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