Self - Help (Self-instruction) is an activity directed by an individual towards independent acquisition of knowledge and (or) experience.

The quality of the acquired knowledge during self-study directly depends on the quality and quantity of the required available material, as well as on the individual's desire (motivation) to get it. During training, a purposeful process is carried out, the student and teacher interact to form knowledge, skills, usually according to a specific program, which sets out the study procedure and the volume of material studied. The knowledge gained in the process of self-learning is better remembered, but gaps are possible in them, because in self-learning the order and volume of the material studied is often determined by the self-learning.

Self-training is important in the process of human adaptation to the external environment. By the speed of self-learning, one can judge the cognitive (cognitive) ability of a person to produce knowledge. In order to more fully use the ability to self-educate people in organizations (creative abilities), the principles of lean production are applied. For the intensification of the learning process and the development of creative abilities, students use problem-based learning, in which self-learning is of key importance. To develop the self-learning ability in humans, prenatal education methods are used.

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