The genre of Gothic literature originated in England in the mid 18th century. Created in opposition to dominant in those days to classicism and rationalism, it instantly gained a downright huge popularity among a wide circle of readers.

The Gothic novel is based on the pleasant feeling of "horror" conjures up a slight concern, but after reading that, not going to die of a broken heart. It is a romantic story with various elements of mysticism (the family curse, ghosts, spirits, etc.), supernatural, mysterious adventure. The genre originated and developed mainly in English literature and is the forerunner of the modern "horror", so dearly beloved us.

Gothic works are characterized by medieval, claustrophobic atmosphere of terror and mysticism. That is why the action books, usually occurs in old gloomy castles and monasteries, inhabited by ghosts, or are otherworldly forces, and the plot is built around ancestral curses, and bloody crimes of witchcraft.

"Gothic" enjoyed wide popularity throughout the nineteenth century. Its elements appealed many well-known writers of the time: Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Bronte and others. In the XX century, the genre had a significant impact on the development of literature of horror and "vampire" fiction. Moreover, if we talk about serious literature, it is impossible not to recall the American "southern Gothic".

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