Family is the most close and native to you the people who will help and support you even at a distance. Once a family was called a cell of society. Truth in this, but the smallest. Because if someone specifically ask the question: what is the family, the last thing people will think about this very society.

When we hear the word «family» immediately before we can see familiar faces: parents, wife (husband) children. Those people who go through life being taken care of us think, and in difficult times can rely on. In one word family is support, reliable rear, you want to cherish and protect.

There is a saying that happy families are happy alike, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Indeed, there are various models of family relations. Realizing what the relationship of the family members is, it is possible to find the cause of problems in these families and possible ways of their solution. Almost all of us grew up in families, although not always in full. It would seem that everyone should know what it is – a family. However, psychologists who work with various family crises, argue that, in fact, almost none of today does not know what actually family. In addition, this allows people to create a strong, happy family.

We do not claim full disclosure of such region as the psychology of family relationships in the family, but we will try to disclose the most important thing in this area – what is family, what is the root of the difficulties of family relationships that is the foundation of a happy family and marriage. Here you will find fiction and nonfiction audio literature on the topic of family and relationships. Enjoy listening and share with your friends.

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