The lyrics originated in a syncretic art, where, besides the story and dramatic action was feelings and experiences. Poetry is the most subjective kind of literature. The lyrics range is wide. All that excites pleases or saddens the poet, may be subject to the lyrical feelings.

A characteristic feature of lyrical works is conciseness. Thoughts, feelings, experiences into a lyrical work compacted, condensed, more general than in the epic. "The lyrics — wrote the theoretician of romanticism, F. Schlegel, — always represents only itself, the mental state, for example, a gust of surprise, a flash of anger, pain, joy, etc. — a whole, in fact, that is not an integer. Here the unity of the senses". The lyrics don strives to create the finished character. Lyrical works are mainly in the form of poems. Lyrical works in prose are rare.

The most common form of lyrical works is a monologue, that is why dialogues are rare. The main means of presentation is reflection. In the lyrical works are often used in descriptions (of nature, objects, interiors), they are a means of revealing the inner world of man. In some lyrical works are stories about the events of the epic elements. In addition, we can find some dramatic elements (in dialogues).

Lyrics uses of funds other genera of literature. Lyric poetry is close to music, music as poetry, expresses the inner world of man. In lyrical works, no expanded plot, situation. In some lyrical works there is a conflict between the lyrical hero and the environment, he fills the poem with drama.

However, it is enough to talk about the theory; we turn to reading or better listening to the best world works in the genre of "Lyric". Enjoy listening and do not forget to leave your comments and impressions.

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