Math have been known since ancient times. If you remember these great countries of the past, like Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, we can see that all architectural and artistic masterpieces were created using mathematics. Knowledge of mathematics was needed not only to construction but also in the creation of literary and artistic works. No wonder the famous Russian classic Alexander Pushkin said: "Inspiration is needed in geometry no less than in poetry."

Mathematics and literature are similar in that through them we experience the reality: literature is aimed at revealing the spiritual sphere of human life; mathematics also involves understanding the technical, material aspects of people. We know what is the relationship between literature and history, literature and music, literature and painting, literature, and mathematics can also coexist with each other.

Mathematics is the relative of poetry. Despite its complexity and abstractness, it includes artistic, imaginative - and in the ways of creation, and the nature of existence. Some even speaks about "mathematical images" as inherent in the math way of understanding the world. In any case, of course, mathematics is in fact poetry, the poetry of thought, "poetry of logic ideas", in the words of A. Einstein: "mathematical formulas and the laws not only express the essential features of the objective world, but also reflect the real, deep beauty of nature." As the art gives a man a sensual beauty, as mathematics gives a person the beauty of mental. No wonder so many great mathematicians were ardent fans of poetry, and many poets have expressed their admiration for the elegance and beauty of mathematical thought.

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