A detective is a predominantly literary or cinematic genre. The detective mainly describes the process of investigation and analysis of a mysterious incident. The purpose of the study is to clarify the circumstances of the incident and solve the riddle.

Usually a crime appears as an incident. The detective describes an investigation into the crime and identifies the perpetrators. Basically, a conflict is built on a clash of justice by breaking the law; history ends, as a rule, with a victory of justice.

The key to any detective story is the investigation, which is why the analysis of the characters and emotions of the feelings of the characters is so important for any detective story. Most often, the mystery is solved by reasoning on the basis of what is known both to the investigator of the mysterious incident and directly to the reader or listener. A detective work should not be compared with a thriller, where there is always an element of violence or horror and with a criminal novel that reveals the causes of crime and depicts the underworld. This is a deeper genre that will appeal to the younger reader and the older generation.

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