Crime in a broad interpretation of the meaning of this word means "to cross" a boundary established moral and legal norms of a particular society. Moreover, the norms in each society differ quite significantly. Therefore, still in Papua New Guinea there are tribes of cannibals, where killing someone is not a crime. In a civilized society, boundaries are influenced by the evolution of the "reasonable person". The wiser and more humane society, the rigid boundaries of the law.

In the Middle ages dissenters burned at the stake, the socialist system isolated from society in camps and prisons, and is now prohibited just particularly sharp manifestations of dissent, for example, Nazi propaganda, extremist religious sects, terrorist organizations.

Formally, the crime can be called any violation of the rules: ethical, moral, legal. After all, breaking the norm, we "transgress" boundaries. Therefore, to avoid confusion in terminology, under the crime is commonly understood as just such a violation of the established norms in society, which is punishable.

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