Attempt to discover the origins and essence of religion brought to life a special branch of knowledge «religious studies», which together with the theology are great forms the comprehension of the phenomenon of religion. In the bosom of each of them developed according to their underlying principles of the concept of religion: theological, philosophical, sociological, biological, psychological, ethnological. In an effort to find out the specifics of the phenomenon of religion, each of them comes from their ideological orientations

The term "religion" as a definition of the relationship "man — God" was introduced in the XV—XVI centuries then it was used only in a simple value, without taking into account all the features of the phenomenon which it denotes. Moreover, before thinkers resorted to concepts of "conscience", "respect", "fear" of God. A sensible view of religion as the phenomenon was founded on the philosophy of the New age, what is the greatest merit of famous German philosophers such as Friedrich Immanuel Kant, Georg-Wilhelm-Friedrich Hegel, etc.

Religion is a spiritual phenomenon that submitted as a form of human self-determination in the world, expresses her belief in the supernatural Origins — the source of being of all that exists, is a means of communion with him, entering into his world, involved in it.

The concept of "religion" is directly related to the concept of "God". Religion without the concept of God does not exist. God is the origin and meaning of every religion. God, religious beliefs, it is primarily the absolute, will Viviani over the human, natural forces, abilities, qualities and relations. He is regarded as the Creator of the world, though not belong to him.

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