Family life is personal property and non-property relations between spouses and other family members. What makes a family strong and a family boat indestructible? Each family is looking for answers to these questions. Moreover, each has its own recipe for happiness. Someone gives birth to children in the hope that they will be the “cement” of relations between spouses, others make efforts to provide common material benefits, and some seek salvation in control and vigilance. However, sometimes recipes for happiness are erroneous and lead relationships to a standstill.

Family life, like any living creature, has an age that has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you know in advance, where the danger is hidden, you can bypass it and easily survive the critical periods of your marriage. Specialists in the field of family relations have established exactly when the crisis moments of family life come. It is during such dangerous periods, unfortunately, that most families collapse.

Close people are so strange. They give great joy, but if anyone can cause the most severe pain, it is they too: the people with whom we live or see each other almost every day. Definitely happy families in literature are just as rare as in real life. Nevertheless, there are more than enough images of various problems. Here you will find both the time-tested and the latest books on difficult family circumstances. On their pages, the relations of the mother and daughter are clarified, adult children make claims to their old parents, the little girl turns out to be stronger than her mother is, and the wife cannot get used to the "elusive" nature of her husband. By the way, the genres are very different: from the classic novel to the thriller. Enjoy listening.

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