Like any other literary genre, Western has its roots in folklore. First of all, in the American folklore of the frontier, the Wild West, and only then - in European. The most important thing that this genre has learned from folklore is the special metaphysics of the Wild West, where each man is his own law, and black and white can only be distinguished from a hangover.

American folklore served as the basis for the books, and real-life people became the characters of the works: the popular heroes of the “ten-cent” novels were criminals Billy Kid and Jesse James, buffalo hunter Buffalo Bill, shooter Wild Bill Hickok and law guard Wyatt Earp. All of them later more than once became the heroes of cinema westerns.

 At a certain period in the United States, Western was the most popular literary genre, in which there were no less books than in the detective direction until the World War II or the terrible 80s.

Great literature falls into this genre more often than others do - after all, it is enough for this that the great American author is seriously interested in the era. We offer you only the best - an immortal classic that you need to read, and on our site to listen, to everyone. Of course, in the original - for the sake of Westerns, it is worth learning or tightening up the English language! Enjoy listening, share your impressions in the comments.

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