Talking about modern literature, it is customary to include works created since the mid-1980s to the present day. This controversial era in which some tendencies have already emerged and disappeared, vivid names and original works have appeared cannot be given an unambiguous assessment. This is the time of postmodernism and metamodernism, searches for fresh ideas and statements about the exhausted number of stories. Each reader will be able to find an author whose ideas will be close and understandable.

The main trends in the literary process:

As for the 20th century, a sharp polarization is characteristic of modern literature. On the one hand, hundreds of volumes of fiction are published for the general reader without pretense of being elected and of high artistic value; on the other hand, elitist works are created for a very narrow circle of aesthetes and intellectuals.

Critics speak of fatigue from postmodernism: the complex interweaving of allusions and ironic remarks is again giving way to realism. There is a growing reader interest in the analysis of history and the fate of man in it; these concepts can be seen in the work of popular writers.

In art, several features are more new. For example, a growing interest in documentary history and non-fiction. Popular science books, including those on alternative history, provoke heated discussions and authors' works. Postrealism is the formation of a new direction in which writers strive to move away from social pathos and appeal to the personality of a simple person.

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