Modern literature includes works by authors from around the world published over the past decades. This section contains books of various writers on relevant topics. The most interesting thing about them is that they show life from the point of view of another culture. The subtlety of the storyline, the accuracy of the images and the originality of the narrative are some of the main features of modern literature. Today, many authors (Cecilia Ahern, Paulo Coelho, Haruki Murakami) occupy leading positions in the world of literature, and their books promise to become a new classic soon due to the unique style and characteristics of the language.

The section consists of publications by foreign authors creating modern prose of large and small forms and drama. Particular attention is paid to acquaintance of readers with outstanding writers of our time, whose works are included in a series of books by laureates of world literary prizes. The works collected in them are distinguished by an intriguing plot, depth touched by themes and frequent references to other famous masterpieces of world culture and popular modern realities. In this section, you will find: news of modern fiction from around the world, sensational bestsellers, popular books of famous domestic and foreign writers, film versions. You can listen to modern literature online in the LibriVox library.

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