Religion is a system of beliefs, a cult, and the religious institutions that carry it out. The origin of the term “religion” can be interpreted in two ways: religion “connects” a person with God, and “connects” a person with a system of norms and dogmas.

The vast majority of believers consider themselves to be supporters of traditional religions, mainly Christianity. However, this circumstance cannot be a significant obstacle to the realization by all religions, traditional and non-traditional, of their cultural function. Religious studies does not mind having such a function in religion. On the contrary, it explores religion as a cultural phenomenon, as a combination of universal material and spiritual values.

Religion sees such universal values as its moral and socio-patriotic functions; persistent calls for collegiality, for peace between peoples, for the elimination of wars and armed conflicts, international and domestic terrorism. Also violence in all its forms from the life of people; remarkable religious literature, architecture, sculpture, painting and music by outstanding masters of world art on religious subjects; religious charity actions - helping the poor, humiliated and offended, and the like.

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