Since the most ancient times when our ancestors had mastered the forces of nature - lightning, thunder, wind and water - humanity believed in the presence in our world, something higher, gave rise to all living things. Humanity believed in magic, shamans used totems and worshiped the spirits. A long way of cognition led them to the familiar to us all world religions: Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

The relationship between literature and religion in a particular historical period implies, in a broad sense, the degree of interaction and the nature of their interaction, in the narrow sense – the value of religious themes and motifs in fiction. In the modern world in connection with the secular organization of society, the fiction exists mostly separately from the religious. Of course, religious literature performs, among others, and an aesthetic function, literature can perform some of the functions of religious boundaries are often blurred; this is due to the specified above for the close relationship of both.

Religious literature includes various genres and directions. It is primarily the canonical texts of the relevant philosophy and moral doctrines of the religion. This literature, which draws the plots and characters of his works from the canonical texts. Religious literature creates the illusion of a full-likelihood of the reconstructed events. Religious literature professes fatal predetermination of life and forms of human existence in it.

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